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Comprehensive Services                                                  


TFMS brings a wealth of experience in dealing with the environmental, maintenance, landscaping and security issues relating to properties in the Florida Panhandle, South Georgia and South Alabama.  The experience and services available through TFMS will protect and enhance the value of your property.  Also, in today’s business environment, more and more properties have reverted back to the ownership of financial institutions and investors, who must be concerned with preserving marketability value.  If not properly protected and maintained, vacant properties, uncompleted projects and infrastructure will deteriorate and market value will decrease.  TFMS services the needs for such properties which, if not tended to, could result in a significantly higher cost of ownership. 


Entry Features and Landscaping:

*      Gates

*      Landscaping maintenance

*      Warranties

*      Lighting features 

*      Timers v. photocells

*      Signage

*      Security equipment

*      Does the property use re-claimed water for irrigation? (Soil content monitoring for excessive salt and other nutrients to avoid negative effects on plant material)

*      Parks / green space (furniture, mowing, ant control, maintenance of park furniture / tot lot)

*      Qualifying Vendors


Retention Ponds:

*      Grates

*      Rock /sand filters

*      Culverts

*      Flumes

*      Reserve accounts for repairs

*      Response to City / County inspections

*      Erosion / silt removal

*      Landscaping

*      Inlets

*      Aquatic Management

*      Pumps / warranty and maintenance

*      Property inventory of assets


Interaction With State, Municipalities and Other Management Services:

*      Work with municipalities for repair and maintenance of dedicated infrastructure (sidewalks, streets, street lights, street signs, storm drains, etc.)

*      Working with municipalities to determine the stage of the development’s permitting and construction phase

*      Illegal dumping and clean up

*      Squatters / homesteading

*      Working with local law enforcement for patrols and trespassing warrants

*      Graffiti removal

*      Preserve and conservation area maintenance and management plans

*      Identifying if needed and working with Biologist

*      Tree removal (liability)

*      Working with HOA management and POA managers


Expense Monitoring, Reduction and Budgeting:

*      Monitoring of utilities (water, electric)

*      Example:  broken irrigation or improper programming of controller resulting in excessive use of water; photocell and timers not functioning properly causing excessive use of electricity or dark areas/liability).

*      Maintenance of vacant lots (mowing) for marketing and liability purposes

*      Oversight of vendor contracts

*      Prevention of  Liability Issues

*      Owner reporting requirements


Retail and Office:

*      Tenant HVAC maintenance contacts (full service)

*      Exterior Lighting

*      Lighting reports (liability)

*      Parking lot repairs and maintenance

*      Parking lot sweeping service

*      Pressure washing

*      Painting (exterior and vanilla box)

*      Exterior wall repairs (stucco and block)

*      Roof and gutters (repairs, maintenance, inspections)

*      Awnings

*      Plumbing (backflow inspections and repair)

*      Freeze protection for exposed pipes, back flow devices

*      Signage

*      Window and mullions

*      Trash removal (illegal dumping, dumpsters, trash receptacles)

*      Restaurants (grease disposal, roof vent inspections and maintenance)

*      Exterminators (rodents and ants)

*      Day porter service

*      Handyman services

*      Re-keying and access management of improved property

*      Fire/sprinkler system contracts

*      Maintenance request from tenants

*      Site plans / photos

*      Towing contracts

*      Reading of electrical sub-meters

*      TI projects

*      Retention ponds

*      Documentation for insurance claims

*      Trespass warrants on file with law enforcement and posted on site

*      Easements

*      Up-to-date tenant and vendor lists

*      Landscaping maintenance,  inspections, irrigation, warranties

*      Administration of security systems (access cards/fobs)


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